What You Do Is Critical.
So is the power that enables you to do it.

MCS powers the world's vital connections.

We live in an always-on world

Today, people rely on technology more than ever.

Uptime is a way of life. Business, social interactions, shopping, travel... all require access to data from anywhere, at anytime. Like a light switch, technology is expected to be on the moment we need it to be. At MCS, we get that.

MCS is the only critical power company that is always on

Always Available

24/7/365 Support. No automated phone tree.
Direct access to your Field Service Technician.
In emergency situations, your Field Service Technician replies within 15 minutes.
In emergency situations, your Field Service Technician is onsite within 1 - 4 hours.

Always Able

One point of contact. One solution.
Vendor agnostic.
In-house training center.
All CAD and in-house electrical diagram designs.

Always Proactive

Proactive maintenance.
On-site walk through of uninterruptible power supply system and related critical equipment.
Prioritization and assessment of risk into three levels: high, medium, and low.
A written Predictive Failure Analysis report for your facility, keeping you from having emergency calls.
MCS exceeds manufacturer maintenance recommendations.

Always Efficient

Audit of all existing equipment.
Analysis of power usage and cost.
Analysis of parts availability and costs to repair less efficient, older equipment.
Space usage assessment.
Total critical power system evaluation.
Recommended maintenance schedule for maximum efficiency.
Building compliance verification (CA).
Conduct Power Efficiency Studies to move organizations into “greener” equipment and technologies with cost savings.

Always Us

Expert service from your highly trained team.
Always-On people (it’s who we are).
Versatile, proactive, reliable, honest and friendly.
We never quit.

The MCS training center

Ensuring our technicians are capable of working on any make and model of uninterruptible power supply.

Trusted by the best

Stories of Always On

Your UPS system partner from inception to completion & beyond

System Consulting

We protect your critical infrastructure.

We increase uptime by assessing your current system deficiencies and fixing problems before they happen.

System Design

We personally design your power system from the ground up to fit your specific needs.

We don't use subcontractors, so your project - from inception to completion - will be performed by expert MCS personnel.

System Installation

From conception to realization, we install your new system.

Whether it's a DC power system, inverter system, power panels, battery monitoring system, or virtually any other uninterruptible power supply system.

System Maintenance

100% uptime is not the expectation; Its the standard.

Our proactive UPS equipment maintenance services make sure your critcial power systems stay Always On.

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