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A trusted advisor for the most complex and urgent critical power situations.

Our team of experts, years of experience, and spirit of innovation and grit will keep your critical power on, always.

Many organizations today, large and small, are technology dependent. Having a partner that understands the needs of your organization is critical to your success. That’s a challenge we enjoy.

MCS Customers Include

In Life or Death Situations

Equipment for a patient’s health or for monitoring an airplane in the sky must be powered at all times. There is no margin for failure in such instances. You need a power solution organization that understands your specific needs and can tailor solutions expressly for you. MCS is that organization.

In Success or Failure Situations

Losing power, even for a short time, can massively disrupt business delivery systems. For large companies with customer-focused telecommunications centers, or significant data centers, downtime without power will be more than disruptive, it will be disastrous. You need a partner that understands what’s at stake. MCS is that organization.

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