Always Prepared and up for Anything

Jackson, CA

The job of any good critical power company is to keep their client’s prepared for the unexpected. At MCS, we not only do that through our solutions we deliver, we do that by investing in equipment that we know may be needed at any time.

At our shop we have a wide variety of equipment (UPS systems, batteries, power distribution units, etc.) all in varying sizes. Having that equipment on hand can help us remain prepared when a job requires something right away, and we can’t’ wait around for days or weeks for it to arrive.

In October of 2019, our client, Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort, was experiencing a failure with a UPS that backs up their entire surveillance system. Surveillance systems matter in a lot of businesses, but they’re especially important in casinos.

The client reported the issue to us a little before 9am. During this time, PG&E, the local power company, was planning public safety power outages due to potential wildfire concerns. Needless to say, having the UPS go down at this time posed a major threat.

The system in question was a 16kVA system, which we had a brand new replacement for sitting in our warehouse. Being prepared for the unexpected paid off in a major way.

After receiving the call in the morning, we scrambled a crew, only to find that most of our team was out on other jobs. Instead, our founder took the lead, got enough of a team put together, took the equipment from the warehouse, and headed out to the client’s site.

By mid-day, we had the system off-loaded, installed, wired, and ready to go. By 3:30 pm, the entire system was up and running, and the client was at ease.


My experiences with Mission Critical Specialists has not only been essential to our daily success here at Jackson Rancheria but also critical to business needs, many businesses across California has experienced many power outages incurred from PGE fire safety protocols we are often tasked with curtailment by request from PGE to ensure certain life safety organizations can remain on Grid power for example, hospitals, conversant homes.

Mission Critical has helped us with engineering back up power systems for many aspects of our business, the owners knowledge and expertise has been a huge asset in achieving our goals here at the casino to be
Always On just like their slogan says.

Their not only a vendor for Jackson Rancheria they our part of our family here!


-Larry forst, Director facilities services at jackson rancheria casino and resort