The MCS Power Efficiency Study

A complimentary MCS Power Efficiency Study is a straightforward examination, evaluation and analysis of your building’s current mission critical equipment configuration.

From this audit, MCS can then identify opportunities to boost energy efficiency, reduce waste, control costs and move to a “greener” energy footprint.

In the Facilities Management industry, Energy Efficiency commonly refers to reduced energy consumption in a building while still maintaining acceptable levels of comfort, air quality and other tenant requirements.

It is most often achieved by making physical changes to equipment and buildings that reduce energy use while maintaining or even improving energy service levels. Typically, these changes give a building a smaller energy footprint, while saving money in the long-term.

A Power Efficiency Study by MCS includes:

  • Audit of all existing equipment
  • Analysis of power usage
  • “Cost of Power” analysis on existing versus new equipment, which lowers utility costs through reduced cooling requirements
  • Analysis of parts availability and costs to repair existing older equipment, with the added incalculable cost of downtime inherent with older, unreliable equipment
  • Space usage assessment as new equipment occupies a smaller footprint than larger, older products
  • Total critical power system evaluation, including replacement costs, cost savings and payback time
  • A recommended maintenance schedule to keep equipment running at maximum efficiency
  • In California – verify a building’s compliance with state-mandated building energy and life safety standards related to mission critical equipment